Did you know it ?

  • The average annual beer consumption per person is 30 liters for the French, compared to 100-120 liters for German and 150 liters for the Czechs.
  • By continent, the raw material for the beer changes. Europe and Oceania use barley, America both corn and barley, manioc in Africa and rice in Asia.
  • The brown glass bottles retain the beer better than green bottles, since they allow more light to go through which degrades the taste of the beverage.
  • We don’t all drink the beers at 4 degrees. The IPA beers for example, are drunk around 6 and 10 degrees. It allows to preserve their aromas.
  • Beer is good for health. Indeed, its strong silicon rate helps strengthen bones.

Consume in moderation of course!

Sources : Jean-Charles and https://www.maloan.fr/blog/anecdotes-sur-la-biere