Our history


With a true passion for beer and gourmet area featuring a longstanding friendship, it was in 2007 that Chantal and Nicolas Gross and Jean-Philippe Bernhardt have launched the incredible challenge of putting their expertise in common by creating a distribution warehouse of drinks in Logelheim, thus giving birth to Les Brasseries de l’Ill.

A project that is taking shape in the heart of the Haut-Rhin

Three years later, with its success, the company leaves its 300 m² squares in Logelheim to settle in Ensisheim in premises of 1300m² and holds currently a predominant place in the region on the beverages distribution market.

Les Brasseries de l’Ill home a wide variety of products, from national brands to local handicraft products. Professionals, private individuals and associations will find anything they need.

To ensure a complete and quality service for associations during their events, les Brasseries de l’Ill also offer equipment loan for any purchases of beverage.

An Alsatian project blooming

Innovation, challenges and regional identity are the main drives of the company. Always looking for new challenges and, thanks to an ever growing desire to offer its own local products, the team of les Brasseries de l’Ill diversify its activities in 2013 with the opening of a restaurant “La Flamme” and a microbrewery “La Passerelle“, different but complementary activities pledges of flexibility and adaptability to ever-increasing demands.