Our equipment

To purchase some drinks, Les Brasseries de l’Ill also offers professional quality equipment to assist you in any type of events you want to organize.

Snack bars, counters, cooling equipment, cooking equipment, and much more are offered.

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« Storky » Caravan 
« Licorne Elsass » Caravan 
« Licorne Black » Caravan 
« El Grande » Caravan 
« Licorne » Caravan 

Refreshment area and wood counters

« Prestige » counter 2 spouts
« El Grande » counter 4 spouts
VVB counter 3 spouts
Extension + sink
Peki adjustable counter from 2m to 2.50m
Barnum Refreshment area « Karlsbrau »

Our Refrigerators and our refrigerated sideboards

Fridge bar 3 doors
Fridge 1 door
Fridge 2 doors
Coca-Cola fridge, small model on wheels

Our fryers

Gas fryer 1 basket
Electric fryer 2 baskets

Our coffee machines

Two coffees machines

Our taps

Single tap
Double tap

Our mobile taps

Mobile tap with extension
Double mobile tap without extension

Our dry taps (instant cold)

Single Tap
Double Tap

Our fittings

Table 2×0,60m

Our “eat standing”

Rectangular 145x50CM
Eat standing “ Y ”

Our gas griddles

One gas griddle

Our flambed tarts ovens

Gas oven – up to 6 tarts
On trailer + peel
Gas oven 2 levels
Up to 12 tarts
Inner dimension : 620×920
External dimension :1300x800x800
Available for rent
90€ excluding charges on weekend

Refrigerated Utility vehicle

Rent package
129€ for weekend

Specific Products for associations

Oil, plastic containers for take-away food, beer glasses, plastic cups, etc.

Hygiene products

Les Brasseries de l’Ill offer a wide range of hygiene products such as washing glasses products, paper towels and toilet paper.